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We decided to work with Motto, which fully met our expectations, with an urgent work. The service they provide fully meets our expectations. They understand exactly what we need and approach with a solution-oriented mindset. We are very happy to work seamlessly.

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Experience, speed, quality, cordiality… We are happy to work seamlessly with Motto Translation which is also an innovative office.

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We are here to make your voice heard all over the world in the correct way with localization services.

Localization service is the careful handling of culturally and politically sensitive texts by taking the culture of the target country into account.

It means providing translation alternatives to the customer in texts that require cultural integration, implementing the decisions to be taken together, adapting the time units such as date/time, the currency and measurement units, numbers, names, addresses and similar items to the target language.

Thanks to localization, your softwares and applications and their documents are made fit to allow the local people to easily implement and use the software in accordance with the cultural values of the target language. This can help your business not only increase profits by increasing sales of the product, but also reduce expenses by reducing the number of users experiencing problems using the software.

In the field of localization, our country which acts as a bridge to the Middle East, is of great geopolitical importance. We are proud to be a bridge that sheds light on you on this difficult pathway to triumph and enables you to achieve your goals successfully, with our experience and high quality, especially in Turkish<->English, German, Arabic and Greek languages!

Discover the benefits of getting localization right with MoTTo!

Our team of professional translators and editors is here to make your work easier by avoiding word by word translation and preparing your documents in accordance with the culture of the target language.

Some of our services:

  • 1

    Software localization

  • 2

    Machinery and equipment interface localization

  • 3

    User manual localization

  • 4

    Website localization

  • 5

    Marketing and advertising localization

  • 6

    Terminology management

  • 7

    Style guide preparation

Translation Services for All Platforms and Devices

We are here with localization services to make sure that you can deliver your softwares, user manuals, marketing and advertising texts to your international customers correctly with MoTTo! Our software translation and localization services and solutions aim to make your voice heard to your customers and/or followers quickly and accurately, especially on all platforms.

Some of the fields we provide services;

User interface localization
User interface localization is the number one step in globalizing your software product. Localizing your user interface includes everything from translating all texts such as visible texts, buttons, terms and conditions, to adjusting the layout of your interface to suit each linguistic and cultural context, for it to suit the target culture and the user so that users can use your software in the most efficient way.
Localization Test
Marketing and advertising localization